Make your life better by tapping into Innovative products designed to supercharge your lifestyle. The world is changing rapidly, and it’s important that our technological products change with it and that’s what we’re all about. Level is a company that focuses on developing innovative products for both consumers and organizations, as we thrive ourselves in designing products that make your life easier and more efficient than ever.


We’re reframing the eyewear game, step out the ordinary and see the world through our Visions. The Level Visions are not just your normal pair of glasses…No! There’re too smart for that. These sunglasses allow you to connect your smart phone to, listen to music, make or receive calls as well as wake up  your voice assistance with just a simple touch on the side! Now tell me that’s not cool! The frame lenses can also be replaced with prescription lenses.

Africa’s 1st Contactless Payment Ring

Put that card away! And look at the cashier’s reaction when you pay with your ring. The Level Ring is Africa’s first contactless payment ring which is safer than your ordinary card due to the secure payment gesture required to make a transaction. The Level Ring is Mastercard and Visa approved making it the most innovative payment wearable in the market.


With the presence of the 4th industrial revolution, we’re invited to join or get left behind. The days of Universities and Colleges using the old traditional plastic student cards are now coming to an end and that’s all thanks to the Level Band. The Level Band together with our Level Access app will serve as a digital student card for the students.

Africa’s 1st Contactless Payment Ring

Simplify your next payment transaction, and pay with the Level Ring.